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What is a Spark?
A Spark is what we call a booking. But, really, a Spark is what happens between a Sittersphere sitter and your child when they engage in creative play and imagine fun new worlds together. Our sitters want to inspire your child - not just sit with them!
Am I in the Sittersphere service area?
Sittersphere is currently servicing the communities of Decatur, Avondale Estates, Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, and Emory.
What does my membership fee cover?
The Sittersphere membership fee provides you no-hassle access to Sittersphere sitters as many times per month as you need. Choose the subscription type that best fits your family's needs: monthly subscription or 6 month subscription. Your first payment will be processed at the end of registration. Then you'll receive periodic bills, based on the membership type you chose. Please note that membership fees are separate from sitter fees. You are responsible for paying your sitter at the end of each Spark.
I need a nanny! Can Sittersphere help?
Sorry but no. We offer a curated and vetted network of sitters for on demand babysitting needs. If you need full-time or part-time consistent childcare, another service will better suit your needs.
Why should I choose Sittersphere?
We interview, background check, and confirm references on our each of our sitters. We handle booking the sitter for you. Our customer service team does all of the legwork so that parents and sitters can simply do what they need to do. At Sittersphere, we believe in engaging, quality, hassle-free childcare.
How do I know if Sitterphere is the right service for my family?
Sittersphere is a babysitting service, ideal for date nights, running daytime errands, appointments, and meetings. We work, play, and create right inside your home. We do not, however, pick up children from school or other activities. If you find that you need someone to transport your children, or if you need a consistent childcare provider to work for your family on a regular schedule, Sittersphere is not the right service for your family.
Can I try Sittersphere before I take the membership plunge?
Yes! Sittersphere offers a 30-day free trial to all new customers. Just create your account and book your first Spark. Your credit card will not be charged until your 30-day trial ends. And, of course, you can cancel at any time.
Do I have to set up an account before booking a Spark?
Yes. Your account gives us all kinds of valuable information about your family. We want to know as much as we can about your children, so we can spark their imaginations and make sure they have fun! So, you have to create an account before you can use the Sittersphere network.
How does Sittersphere vet it's sitters?
Each of our sitters is over 20 years old (no teenagers from next door!) with at least 3 years of child care experience and at least some college experience. We interview, background check, and confirm references on our each of our sitters. Additionally, we maintain regular contact with our sitters. We know who we're working with, and we know they're the best!
Do I get the same sitter every time?
While you may get the same sitter for multiple Sparks, we do not provide the same sitter each time. With Sittersphere, your family has the opportunity to work with many different sitters, all of whom bring their own unique passions and personality into your home. We've fully vetted and trained each sitter, so you can feel confident that whoever you're matched with will be a great fit with your family.

Booking Sparks

How do I contact my sitter?
You can expect a text from your sitter two days before your family's scheduled Spark. If you need to speak with your sitter before then, you'll find the sitter's name and contact information on the Spark Dashboard in your profile.
What if my family isn't matched with a sitter?
We pride ourselves in being able to fulfill Sparks (provided we get 48 hours notice). But if, by an odd twist of fate, we are unable to match your family with a sitter for a particular Spark, we'll give you an additional month of membership FREE.
What if I don't provide 48 hours notice? Is all hope lost?
Not necessarily. Sittersphere will still process your booking. While we can't provide a guarantee that we'll be able to find a sitter in that time, we're often able to pull it off!
How will I know that a sitter has been matched to my requested Spark?
Once we book a sitter for your Spark, you will receive an email confirmation which will include the sitter's name and contact information. You will then be able to view your Spark on the Spark Dashboard. Simple and hassle-free.
There is a sitter my kids love! How can I request a specific sitter?
What is so special about Sittersphere is that we give families access to a wide range of unique and engaging sitters. While you cannot request a specific sitter, you can rest assured that every sitter in our network has been hand-picked by Sittersphere. The next sitter will be amazing, too!
I need some help! How do I contact an administrator?
Our support team works around the clock in order to provide you help fast. You can reach us at support@sittersphere.com. A real, live, and local person will get back to you soon!

Our Sitter Network

My kids want to meet the sitter before our first Spark. Can we?
We don't arrange meetings between families and sitters pre-Spark. We've done all the background and reference checking for you. All our sitters are CPR certified. And they are all unique, experienced caregivers who will spark creativity and curiosity in your child. If your children want more info about their sitter, you can see a picture and read their bio on the sitters page. When you receive your Spark confirmation, your sitter's contact info will be included. They just might be willing to have a quick chat with your children before the scheduled Spark to put their apprehensions (and yours!) to rest.
I need someone to pick my kids up from school. Do your sitters do that?
While our sitters are able to perform many amazing feats, they are not able to transport children. Sittersphere is specifically a home-based babysitting service. So we cannot pick children up from school or transport them to their activities.
Where can I find information on the sitter that's been matched with our Spark?
Sittersphere offers bios for each sitter on the Sitters Page. If you have a specific question for your sitter, you'll find contact information for the sitter on the Spark Dashboard.
What kind of background check does Sittersphere conduct on its sitters?
Each Sittersphere sitter undergoes a State of Georgia criminal background check, with special provisions for working with children. In addition to the background check, we conduct a one-on-one interview to vet each of our sitters. We are confident that our sitters are both capable and trustworthy.


How do I change information in my family's profile?
You can edit your family's profile with just a few simple steps. Just log in to your account and click the "edit profile" button. By clicking on the fields, you can edit information as needed. Once you've made changes, make sure to press the "Save Changes" button.
How do I change or cancel my Sittersphere subscription?
You can change your subscription type or cancel your membership through the "account" section under the "edit profile" screen.


How do I know my sitter's rate?
For the sake of simplicity and consistency, Sittersphere has a unified rate for all sitters in our network. When booking a Spark, your rate will be calculated and displayed based on the number of children, whether or not special needs care is required, and if the date falls on a holiday.
Does Sittersphere take a cut of the sitters' pay?
Sittersphere does not take a cut of the sitter's pay. Your sitter will keep 100% of the money they earn at the end of your Spark.
How do I pay my sitter?
At the end of your Spark, you can pay your sitter in cash or with a check. Sittersphere does not take a cut of the sitter's pay. Money they earn is money they keep.
How does membership payment work?
Your first month with Sittersphere is always free, and your first payment will be processed at the end of this free trial. You pay for the service on a regular basis based on your chosen membership type, via an automatic charge when your payment is due. You can cancel at any time.

Still have questions? We're here to help.
Shoot us a message and a real, live member of our support team will get back to you ASAP.

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