Simple Process

Sittersphere offers parents a no-hassle childcare experience.

The days of chasing down sitters, pinning a lengthy set of instructions to the refrigerator and hoping for the best are over. We offer each Sittersphere client a fully customizable profile that allows you to share all the relevant details about your child’s care with our sitters, including everything from charming personality quirks to medical information. Once your profile is complete, you can submit a request for a booking. We take it from there.
Stay Up To Date 1 Book a Spark. Let us know what day and time you need us and how long you’ll be away. We’ll take it from there!
Date Night
3 Enjoy! The sitter arrives at your home fully updated on your family’s profile—so no notes on the fridge needed. Hassle-free.
Date Night
2 Confirmation. We’ll notify you as soon as your family is matched with a sitter. You can expect booking notification including the name of your sitter within 48 hours.


Clear Rules

Safety. For liability purposes, sitters cannot drive or transport children, or work with children that may have a fever or other contagious illness. Guarantee. We guarantee placement with a sitter for requests submitted with at least 48 hours notice. We’re unable to guarantee placement for holiday requests or daytime Sparks lasting longer than six hours.

Something We’re Proud Of

Sittersphere takes pride in connecting vetted sitters with our member families. We do not take a cut of the sitter’s pay. At the end of your Spark, you can pay your sitter in cash or with a check. The sitter will keep 100% of the money they earn.

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Great Support

Our administrators work tirelessly to assist both parents and sitters. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Need help or guidance? That’s what we’re here for. We want you to love Sittersphere as much as we do—and we’re ready to show you why we are the best network of sitters around.

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